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First SUP Team Challenge event announced!

SUPport PROductions is proud to announce the first ever SUP Team Challenge event will be hosted by the fabulous Lake Hood development, near Ashburton in South Island. The SUP Team Challenge is a whole new concept in watersports events, developed entirely by SUPport PROductions.� The event will be held over 17-18 February 2018, and involve a series of challenges for teams of 4, all involving paddleboarding. The event will be hosted at the stunning Lake House restuarant, and the paddling will all be happening around the canals and waterways of Lake Hood. SUPport PROductions will be managing and running the event, and has secured sponsorship from Fox & Associates to ensure that the entry fee is kept low, to make the event as attractive as possible.

Much more on the website at�


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SUP Team Challenge – new event concept!

SUPport PROductions has been commissioned by a leading board brand to come up with a whole new concept of stand up paddleboard events. Something that gets away from the ‘sharp end’ of hardcore racing, instead creating an event that is primarily about participation. Something that people will come to simply because it’s fun. The plan we have come up with is a 2 day series of challenges involving paddleboarding, for teams of 4 – with each team having to include at least one youth/master, and one junior/senior member. Some of the challenges may involve a race element, but others will be more around problem-solving, treasure hunts and multi-rider activities. Stuff that anyone of any ability level can enjoy.� The project is coming together very well, and we hope to announce the first events very soon.� Watch this space!

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2017 Harcourts Triple Crown series wrap-up

Another great show by SUPport Productions!� The 2017 Harcourts Triple Crown SUP series was a fantastic success, nearly 100 competitors from all over New Zealand enjoying three days of superb stand up paddleboard racing around the Bay of Islands, all three events totally different in style yet all in superbly scenic surroundings. Check out the pix and results on the Facebook page, and like the page to stay tuned for news on the 2018 Tour!

This event was organised and run in its entirety by the SUPport PROductions team. Sponsorship and backing was raised from local businesses, along with funding from the district council.

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Designing the fastest inflatable paddleboard ever!

When Red Paddle Co asked us to come up with the design for the fastest ever inflatable SUP board, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. Designing inflatable boards requires a very different approach to traditional board design� – a fundamental fact that far too many brands simply don’t get! You cannot simply take ‘solid board’ shapes and design approaches, and apply them to inflatables.

However, having been involved in inflatable board design since 2010,� and able to put our name to some of the best selling models on the planet,� we’ve got a pretty good handle on how it works. We’re not going to give away our secrets here, but we can tell you that there’s a whole lot of ‘Kiwi’ in the 2017 Red Paddle Co Elite 14′.� A comprehensive programme of prototype testing and refinement, using some of the best racers in the country and all our prior experience, led to a shape that appears to go against so many of the established rules of board design.� But we had confidence in it. The question was, how would the rest of the world react?

Well, they loved it!

Check out this review from Supboarder Mag: “�possibly the fastest iSUP anyone has made.”

The SUP Company:� �”Probably the fastest inflatable SUP in the world…an absolute rocketship. We put it head to head against high performance 24.5″ hard boards, and this board keeps up. For an inflatable, that’s just unheard of…”

And plenty more of the same.� Our final prototype won the 8km distance race at the NZ Nationals, against a fleet of nearly 70 other boards, all solid.� This is a seriously design.

Job done!!