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Ultimate Coaching Challenge!

We are proud and delighted to have been asked to help coach Canadian stand-up paddler Dallas Allison in his attempt to break the existing world record for distance paddled in 24 hours.

It currently stands at a very intimidating 194km, set by world cup paddler Bart De Zwart in May 2017. Dallas is not a top world cup paddler. But he is a very determined and focussed individual, and despite the fact that we’re 5000 miles apart, we are making fantastic progress in the coaching programme thus far.

This is a fantastic coaching challenge, and is absolutely what we are about; it’s all about efficiency in paddling, a goal that is appropriate to just about anyone who paddles. We need to build a set of incredibly efficient strokes for Dallas that he can maintain for 24 hours. Not just one stroke, because the chances of an injury or strain are high in any sort of endurance challenge, and how brutal would it be to get 22 hours into the challenge and then have to retire because something has just got too painful to continue.

So it’s all about having a repertoire of different (but all super efficient) stroke techniques that can be cycled through, to spread the load. Plus of course, being on the right gear, breathing properly and maintaining control of all the other biomechanical challenges.

It’s an incredible feat to attempt, and we’re proud to be part of Dallas’s challenge. The attempt will be made in August 2021 – watch this space!

More info at

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Waterbourne 2021

SUPport PROductions is delighted to announce that it will be providing safety planning for the 2021 Waterbourne event, New Zealand’s biggest beach festival, which will be running at Takapuna Beach in Auckland during the 3 weeks of the America’s Cup challenge (27 Feb – 21 March) , to give a backdrop of water sports and activities and live music to the main event.

Waterbourne will include windsurfing foil racing, SUP distance and sprint racing and a number of other activities, and should be a great spectacle!

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Breca 2020 safety management

SUPport PROductions is delighted to announce that it will be providing safety management for the 2020 Breca Bay of Islands Swim Run event, scheduled for 15 April. This amazing endurance event, organised by Fusion Events, involves a day long series of swims and runs to traverse the Bay of Islands, poses some serious safety issues, and we’re looking forward to the challenge of ensuring it all comes off without a hitch.

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What a weekend!

What an amazing weekend! The first NZ SUP National Championships to be held in Northland was an incredible success. Three fabulous distance races on the Saturday, along with the first ever inter-schools SUP challenge, and an amazing sprint event on the Sunday.

It’s definitely a very big step up running a Nationals. We made some mistakes, we learned some lessons. But overall it was a great show, and delivered some very high quality competition.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success, and also a massive thanks to Te Tii Marae for hosting us in such spectacular fashion.

Lots of pix and full reports and results at the event website

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One month to go!

Last few weeks until the 2019 Stand Up Paddleboard Distance and Sprint Racing National Championships, which we are running at Waitangi in Northland. Putting together a national championships, for many hundreds of competitors is a big step up from running regional events, and there have definitely been many challenges. However, it’s all looking good, and we’re anticipating a brilliant event. Fingers crossed that the weather gods play along!

Check out the website for the event at

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Northland Schools SUP Championships

SUPport PROductions will be running the first ever regional Schools SUP championships on 13 April 2019. The event is an official sanctioned event for Northland Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA), and is a whole new concept in NZ SUP competition – we will be providing the boards and paddles, so as to create a level playing field for all schools and entrants as they will all be on identical equipment. Each competitor will take part in a number of short races against competitors from their own age group. Prizes will be given for top school and there will also be an inter-school relay competition. If the concept works well, we will look at rolling it out to other regions around New Zealand. Exciting times!

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Fiji Beach Classic!

SUPport PROductions are proud to announce the Fiji Beach Classic paddleboarding event, scheduled for mid May 2019.  Organising an overseas event obviously requires a whole lot more logistical planning and management, and will definitely be setting us some interesting challenges.  Our hope is that this will develop into a real high point on the annual event calendar; it certainly has the potential to!   More details on the website and facebook

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Mangonui Waterfront Festival paddleboarding event

SUPport PROductions will be bringing on-water action to the wonderful annual Mangonui Waterfront festival, scheduled for March 30 2019.  This great little festival features local food, wine, culture, art and music, all along the super-picturesque Mangonui waterfront, and the paddleboarding relay event has long been an integral part of the festival, with teams of four battling it out around a short course out in front of the festival area, perfect for spectators. For next year though, we’ll be taking the event to a whole new level, looking to attrct teams from all over New Zealand to take part, all racing on identical boards supplied by us.

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Our most ambitious event yet! The 2018 Barfoot & Thompson Triple Crown was a real challenge. Following on from the success of the 2017 event, we decided to up the stakes. This time, be prepared for anything, we told the competitors – we will decide what is going to happen (and where) on the day, depending on the weather conditions. We’d wing it – make sure that we gave the competitors maximum bang for their buck.

Well, the weather gods clearly have a sense of humour. They did their best to make it as challenging as possible for us. Forecasts changing by the minute, and delivering everything from 45 knot gales to torrential rain. It really did test us to our limits.

But we coped. The competitors all went away very happy, with three excellent and very different events completed.  And from our point of view, we learned loads more about how to run really awesome SUP events…

For more details , results and lots of pix check the facebook page.

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Designing the fastest inflatable paddleboard ever!

When Red Paddle Co asked us to come up with the design for the fastest ever inflatable SUP board, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. Designing inflatable boards requires a very different approach to traditional board design� – a fundamental fact that far too many brands simply don’t get! You cannot simply take ‘solid board’ shapes and design approaches, and apply them to inflatables.

However, having been involved in inflatable board design since 2010,� and able to put our name to some of the best selling models on the planet,� we’ve got a pretty good handle on how it works. We’re not going to give away our secrets here, but we can tell you that there’s a whole lot of ‘Kiwi’ in the 2017 Red Paddle Co Elite 14′.� A comprehensive programme of prototype testing and refinement, using some of the best racers in the country and all our prior experience, led to a shape that appears to go against so many of the established rules of board design.� But we had confidence in it. The question was, how would the rest of the world react?

Well, they loved it!

Check out this review from Supboarder Mag: “�possibly the fastest iSUP anyone has made.”

The SUP Company:� �”Probably the fastest inflatable SUP in the world…an absolute rocketship. We put it head to head against high performance 24.5″ hard boards, and this board keeps up. For an inflatable, that’s just unheard of…”

And plenty more of the same.� Our final prototype won the 8km distance race at the NZ Nationals, against a fleet of nearly 70 other boards, all solid.� This is a seriously design.

Job done!!