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Ultimate Coaching Challenge!

We are proud and delighted to have been asked to help coach Canadian stand-up paddler Dallas Allison in his attempt to break the existing world record for distance paddled in 24 hours.

It currently stands at a very intimidating 194km, set by world cup paddler Bart De Zwart in May 2017. Dallas is not a top world cup paddler. But he is a very determined and focussed individual, and despite the fact that we’re 5000 miles apart, we are making fantastic progress in the coaching programme thus far.

This is a fantastic coaching challenge, and is absolutely what we are about; it’s all about efficiency in paddling, a goal that is appropriate to just about anyone who paddles. We need to build a set of incredibly efficient strokes for Dallas that he can maintain for 24 hours. Not just one stroke, because the chances of an injury or strain are high in any sort of endurance challenge, and how brutal would it be to get 22 hours into the challenge and then have to retire because something has just got too painful to continue.

So it’s all about having a repertoire of different (but all super efficient) stroke techniques that can be cycled through, to spread the load. Plus of course, being on the right gear, breathing properly and maintaining control of all the other biomechanical challenges.

It’s an incredible feat to attempt, and we’re proud to be part of Dallas’s challenge. The attempt will be made in August 2021 – watch this space!

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