Instructor Training

With all the talk about events, design, consultancy, manufacturing etc, it could be overlooked that actually, first and foremost, we are paddlers. It’s why we’re in this game, and why we’re so passionate about it.  And teaching and coaching the sport is one of the very best things about it.

Despite a background of working in watersports administration and development for many decades, our involvement with stand up paddleboarding in New Zealand started with a paddleboarding school – the very first full time SUP specialist school in the country. And teaching the sport is still our favourite thing.  It’s an endlessly fascinating activity to coach, because it’s so easy to do, yet so hard to do really well. The sport is still developing constantly – paddle styles are changing and evolving, as are the ways of coaching it.

As  the principle architect of the current SUP instruction in New Zealand, and a Sport New Zealand Coach Developer, Bill Dawes can lay claim to being the most experienced and qualified SUP coach in the country. So if you want to improve your technique, or learn how to become a SUP instructor, he’s undoubtedly the person to speak to.

If you’re looking to set up a SUP School or training business, then we can help every step of the way, all in one package. On the water, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and off the water we can help you work out exactly how best to run your business, and what you’ll need.

The course was very comprehensive. We benefited from having a low instructor-to-student ratio which allowed us to delve more deeply into subjects and provided a fantastic opportunity to draw on the tutor’s extensive knowledge and experience. In addition to the thorough SUP training content, the course provided both inspiration and focus, helping us to clarify our goals and objectives.  Vicky H, SUP37

And if you’re just wanting some lessons or advice on any aspect of SUP for yourself, family, friends, then contact Northland Paddleboarding and come and get on the water in one of the most beautiful paddleboarding areas in the country!