Copy & Creatives

Words matter.  While the ‘marketing advisers’ fresh out of college will tell you that it’s all about imagery, and a picture tells a thousands words, etc  etc, the reality is that it’s so easy to get good pictures and video footage nowadays that anyone can do it. Throw in a bit of photoshop tweaking, and it’s embarrassingly easy to make even the poorest of products look wonderful. And people know this – you can’t pull the wool over their eyes with a few shiny pictures any more.

The fact is, that people like to do a bit of research – especially when spending more than a few dollars. This is why products that are backed up with plenty of good, well-written information tend to do well. How many times have you googled something, and been frustrated by the lack of proper information?  Just having a facebook page isn’t enough. People want to know stuff.  And despite all the marketing gurus telling you that it’s all about social media, the fact is that people still like to take information away and read about it later. Creating a DL Flyer is super cheap and easy, if you know how, and a really effective way of getting your message out there, be it about an event, a service or whatever.

Copywriting is something we know all about – with over 3 million (yes, 3,000,000) words published in magazines, newspapers, periodicals and journals to date, plus goodness knows how many online. We started copywriting  way back in the days of typewriters, and while the technology may have changed beyond recognition, the principles of good copywriting most certainly haven’t.

Likewise, imagery – we have large libraries of great pictures, and know all about how to use them to best effect.

The training manual provided by SUPport PROductions has become an invaluable resource which is now a key reference document for our organisation. Vicky H, SUP37

So whatever you need; words, pix, product documentation, training manuals, artwork for flyers, posters, magazine adverts or whatever, we can most certainly help.