Got an idea for a business involving SUP? Retail, school, distribution, design, whatever it is, you need market intelligence and know-how…

We know the NZ stand up paddleboarding market really well. We have built up brands to #1 selling position here, and have solid relationships with retailers, distributors and SUP schools across the length and breadth of the land.  We also know about import/export, warehousing, distribution, raising finance, cashflow projections, accounting, marketing and all those other tedious things that have to be thought about. And we’ve helped businesses with safety and procedural issues; navigating the complex world of WorksafeNZ and Adventure Activities regulations, dealing with regional councils and the like.

However, our knowledge goes beyond just knowing the people.  It’s also about experience. Many decades of operating at all levels in different watersports industries around the globe means that we have seen it all before; we know how things play out. What works, what doesn’t.  How markets react. The bigger picture.

Indeed, the chances are that, whatever it is that you’re planning, we’ve probably already either done it ourselves, or we know someone who has.  And we can tell you how to make it happen. Or maybe we’ve seen it fail, and can help you avoid those traps, or indeed just give you the truth that you need to hear – it’s not going to work.

Advice in this market is very hard to come by. Existing players at the top of their game are not going to give away their secrets. And those who aren’t at the top…. well, perhaps they’re not the best placed to give advice anyway…

It’s such a specialist market too, that traditional ‘business advisers’ aren’t usually much use.  They’ll tell you the stuff you can find online on any ‘how to start a business’ website. Advertising, marketing, social media, blah blah blah. And charge you a small fortune for their advice. But they won’t be able to give you any genuine insight into the nuances of this particular very specialist market.

But we can.

Talk to us.

You may save yourself a fortune…