SUPport PROductions is headed by Bill Dawes, who has been a leading light in the NZ stand up paddleboard scene since his arrival in New Zealand in 2007.  Editor of the world’s first SUP magazine, founder of NZ’s first fulltime SUP school, founder of NZSUP (the national association for the sport), and the ISA Coach Trainer for NZ, Bill also distributed the Red Paddle Co brand until 2014, taking it to #1 selling board brand in NZ. Bill was part of the design team for Red and responsible for several of their most successful shapes, and has also designed and manufactured a wide range of other SUP accessories and items.  Over the last few years he has turned his hand to event management, and now has several highly successful events under his belt.

During his time working within the industry in New Zealand, Bill has built up a wide range of contacts, and access to a huge array of specialist knowledge and wisdom. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he will know someone who does.

So this is what you are getting access to, when you speak to SUPport PROductions. An unparalleled pool of knowledge and know-how. If you are looking to make something happen in the world of SUP, then you really should   tap into this pool…